Introducing COLD BLEND No.1

Handcrafted using a blend of primarily speciality Robusta beans from India, available in peanut and coconut flavours, we have created a high quality, high caffeine drink that is naturally lower in acidity with a flavour that has key notes of dark chocolate and almond. 

In addition to the peanut and coconut we have now introduced two additional flavours; ginger & turmeric and peanut & cinnamon and coconut.

Vegan friendly and dairy free these cold blends are made with Fair Trade Organic pure raw coconut flesh and peanut butter.

Searching for a cold coffee hit?

You’ll find us at selected stockists around London.

our current stockists


  • Deep, dark and delicious

    Jean Mallo
  • The best coffee in London – if you think you like coffee do your taste buds a favour and try some BeanBag coffee. I can’t emphasise enough how good Gary’s stuff is.

    Martin Simpson
  • My new coffee obsession

    Michelle D'Onofrio
  • Unique tasting coffee – Both Coffee addicts and Non-coffee drinkers will love it ….. Try the iced coffee too Ammmmmazing

    Lifil Minns
  • As I like to call it my wake up juice.
    Amazing brand, with amazing people! Vegan friendly and ethical. Unique flavour, with just the kick you need to get your day off to a good start. 

    Lucifa Lovelace
  • Been told by how good your coffee was, but didn’t expect the taste of your chocolate one to be so spectacular.

    Dawn Hobbsy Latuskie
  • Hands down the best coffee I’ve ever tasted, skip the generic chains and go see…

    Ian Male
  • Tried the coffee (or should I say liquid gold) at Maltby Street Market and had to come back to Tooley the next two days because it is so good.

    Stefan Dorfschmidt

Our coffee blend is great.
So why not try our beans?

You can order directly from us with 250g bag available in both ground and whole beans with our 1kg bag available in whole beans only.

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