A bit about beanbag coffee


I am Gary, the owner and founder of Beanbag Coffee Ltd. A little bit about myself – as a teenager I worked at weekends at my local market (East Street) and then worked in Kennedy’s which is almost like a butchers… I left school at 16 and went straight into work at a bank.

I then spent the next 14 years doing many jobs in the city, then all of a sudden I realised was 30 years old… I needed more from life. So I travelled to north-east Thailand to find myself…

In Thailand I immersed myself in muay thai at Legacy Gym for 3 months. During this time I got to sample ‘bagged’ coffee and I stayed in a temple for a week where the idea to form Beanbag Coffee begun.

Back in London I spent two years learning urban krav maga and developing myself whilst dreaming of running my own coffee cart selling southeast asian hot and cold coffee on the streets of London. In June 2014 I quit the city, this time for good. The time was right to take the plunge realise my ambitions.

I returned to north-east Thailand, stayed at the same gym and temple, however this time I visited Laos to see first hand the coffee farms of Bolaven Plateau.

On returning to London, I then worked in a coffee shop for 3 months, experiencing what it takes to be a barista and the hard work which goes on behind the counter. In the meantime I perfected my coffee brew which I believe to be the finest taste to hit these shores. So he I am now. The beanbag coffee man.